Tuesday, 27 April 2010


For you to practise role-plays on the telephone:


This OHT will help you with restaurant equipment:

This quiz has been designed for you to practise restaurant vocabulary:

On a restaurant table wordsearch
Now, keep on playing a word scramble: And these pictures will provide you with further information:

Monday, 12 April 2010


Here you can read a brief report about my last holiday:

Last Easter, I went to Sardinia. It is an island in the
Mediterranean. We spent six days there. The type of holiday we chose was fly and
drive. We flew to Cagliari, which is the capital of Sardinia, and rented a car
at the airport. We went to a hotel we had previously booked and we spent the
first three days in the south of the island. The first day we visited Cagliari
and enjoyed its nightlife. The second day we went to the south west and visited
Carbonia and its ruins; on day three, we went to the south west coast to a place
called Saint Antioco and we had lunch in a little village called Calasetta. On the fourth day, we drove north and visited the centre
of the island, Barumini and Tuilli, enjoying spectacular views. We spent the
rest of the nights at a different hotel in Alghero, in the north-east. Alghero
worths a visit as well as Bosa Marina. On day five, we drove north, stopping at
Castelsardo, one of my favourite places in Sardinia, until we reached Saint
Teresa de Gallura. From there, we could see the island of Corsica. Finally, on
our last day, we visited Sassari and Ozieri and we flew back home from Alghero.
Sardinia is a highly recommended tourist destination.

Now, post a comment about your last holiday destinations. Do not forget:
  • To use past tenses.
  • To mention the type of holiday, means of transportation used, type of accommodation and places you visited.