Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Look at the PPP and describe the different pictures. The questions below will help you so as to practise for the oral examination.
1.- Who are the people shown in the pictures?
2.- What are their responsibilities?
3.- What are they wearing?
4.- Name the different facilities and services you see in the pictures.
5.- Can you name any others?

Now, listen to the description of two pictures. One is related to STAFF and the other to FACILITIES & SERVICES. I hope this can help you practise for the oral test: 

Sunday, 4 November 2012


The first chapter is on present simple vs. continuous:

The second chapter is on time prepositions:

The third chapter is on modality:

Chapter four is to practise the future with will and going to:

With chapter five you can practise the differences between simple past and present perfect tenses:
Chapter six is about Degrees of the Adjectives:
Next chapter, number seven, is about QUANTITY:

Chapter eight deals with Simple Past:
A new chapter, number nine, dealing with PASSIVE VOICE
Chapter 10: How to give directions:
Chapter 11: There is and There are. It is ready for you:
Chapter 12: Place preposition. Are you ready?

Chapter 13: Relative clauses
Chapter 14: The verb "To Be":
Chapter 15: Present Simple 
Chapter 16: Present Continuous Tense